Grow our School


In 2016, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School will be known as the premier Catholic elementary school in the Boca Raton area.

A.  Initiate a formal marketing plan to promote the school

B.  Reach out more to the parish’s Religious Education families

C.  Highlight and publicize accomplishments of the school’s alumni



In 2016, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School will enjoy a unified understanding of the school’s mission among all its stakeholders. 

A.  Strengthen the feeling that the school community is a family

B.   Engage staff and parents more fully in the overall raison d’etre of the school

C.   Refine the systems for communicating to parents and families

D.    Improve the ‘customer service skills’ of all school and parish staff



In 2016, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School will have a school program that meets and exceeds the academic and developmental needs of its students.

 A.   Adapt the individualized educational programs to better assist students

B.    Ensure that technology tools and applications are ‘state-of-the-art’

C.    Increase extra-curricular opportunities for students

D.     Utilize outside resources for the purpose of additional funding, programs, and staff development



In 2016, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School will be fully Catholic in every aspect of its existence .

 A.    Promote the Catholic identity of the school

B.     Strengthen the catechetical skills of the school staff

C.     Develop the faith formation of the students and their families

D.      Engage the students more fully in the social justice works of the Church


Our St. Joan of Arc Parish Discernment & Strategic Plan is now at the Implementation stage. The Goals and priorities have been identified, and at this time you can become informed by our Journey Forward’s Initiatives Priorities brochure, and choose how you can help create the St. Joan of Arc of the future!

Get involved for you, your children, your family, your Parish, your community… your God!

To do your part and make a difference please call: 561-952-2816 or email