Spanish Language


Mrs. Ilse A. Mish  attended Catholic Schools from elementary through high school in Managua, Nicaragua.    Graduated from Florida International University, with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Construction Management, School of Engineering and Design.  Went back to school at Florida Atlantic University to work on Professional Educator’s Certificate in World Language – Spanish for Grades K-12, presently active. Has worked for the Diocese of Palm Beach (part time and Full time) from 2007 to the present.

The Regular Spanish program from 6th to 7th Grades follows a curriculum that prepares students for the Spanish 1 – High School Credit Program offered to 8th grade students.    In addition to basic subjects, and written exercises that review and reinforce vocabulary, students participate in different activities related to daily life situations and basic conversations among friends and family.   The Spanish class program at SJA provides a fun and exciting environment where students will read, write, speak, present, listen, and create assignments in the Foreign Language.  Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structures are part of this curriculum.

This is a STREAM school where students complete, create, design, and present in Spanish, projects that cover multiple subjects including but not limited to Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts & Math.  Most of these activities invite students to collaborate in teams or to work individually.   They have the opportunity to communicate using the Language in a safe environment where the only failure is not trying.

The High School Credit Spanish 1 class is offered to 8th Grade students.   The class expectations are at a High School level and the curriculum covers more challenging subjects where students will complete oral, written, and listening assignments at a faster pace.   At the end of the year, students who meet the criteria will earn one High School credit class to start Spanish 2 in their freshman year.   It will also prepare them for High School Placement Assessments for Spanish 2 as well.

A few, but not limited, of the resources available for Middle School students include their Savvas onLine book, videos of Short Movies for children, Kahoot and Quizzes apps, Savvas recordings, Google Slides presentations, and short written stories.


The Spanish program at St. Joan of Arc focuses on the 3 modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal and presentational through the gradual development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in each level.  

The Heritage Spanish program  is designed to accomodate students whose first language is Spanish, or who have an advanced level of language proficiency according to grade level.

Additionally, elements of the Catholic faith tradition are integrated into the Spanish program in order to provide a meaningful language and cultural experience within the context of the Catholic faith.  

From K through 8th Grade, students will learn various thematic units, use vocabulary and phrases, interact in the classroom, work on STREAM projects, and participate in cross curricular projects and activities.

In addition, students will develop an awareness of the distinct cultures, traditions and celebrations of the Spanish-speaking world. 

Students in 8th Grade Heritage Spanish complete a rigorous Spanish 1 curriculum at an honors course level.