8th Grade

(8A)Ms. Lisa Chiles has been teaching English at SJA since 2018. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English and an MFA in Creative Writing, both from Florida Atlantic University. She is the faculty advisor for the Yearbook and the eNewsletter club, and she also oversees the National Junior Honor Society.

(8B) Ms. Carolyn Mendez h


Confirmation Preparation
Church History
Ethics, Anti-Bullying, Manners
Social Justice
Family Life
Class Mass and Retreat


The Writing Process:
• Reading – Response to Literature; Use of Literary Techniques
• English – A Grammatical Approach
• Cross Curriculum – Analytical, Informational, Creative
Reading Comprehension, Accelerated Reading Program; Media Awareness
English – Grammar, Usage, Mechanics
Spelling & Vocabulary – Expanded Definitions, Vocabulary in Context, Classical Roots, Spelling Strategies
Math – There are three math groups in 8th grade: Pre- Algebra (no high school credit),
Algebra I Honors (possible high school credit), and Geometry Honors. Algebra I Honors students can take the Catholic high school entrance exam, and in some high schools, students take an Algebra I and/or Geometry placement exam. If they do well, the student can earn high school credit. For public schools, students take the EOC – End Of Course exam in Algebra I Honors and/or Geometry Honors. If they do well, they earn high school credit.
SciencePeriodic Table, Photosynthesis, Chemical Reactions, Space
Social Studies – US History (Pre-Colonial times, Colonial times, Revolutionary War, First US Presidents, Civil War to the Great Depression). Emphasizing political, economic, social and cultural aspects of US history.
Spanish – High School Spanish I (Students who earn an 85% final grade or higher in Spanish I, at SJA Catholic School, are invited to take the Spanish high school placement test in order to be eligible for Spanish II as freshman)
Art – Color theory; principles of design, and the study of celebrated artists and their styles (artists such as: Joan Miró, Andy Warhol, Diego Rivera)
Computer – Advanced skills using Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Access database and Apple products such as Pages and Keynote, iPad Apps are used throughout all subjects including Notability App and Sketches App
Physical Education – Focus on sportsmanship and being a team player; refinement of individual skills; team sports
Enrichment Classes – Throughout the year, using alternating six-week schedules, the students are schooled and participate in Debate, Class Newsletter, Youth Toastmasters (Public Speaking), Book Club, and Book Club for Spanish Heritage Speakers for students who meet the criteria.


Saints Essay
Science Fair (Exploratory Project)
Service Hours (20)
Class Mass & Retreat
Public Speaking Project
International Day
Family Faith & Fun Day
Frog Dissection


Religion –  Christ Our Life the Church then and Now
English – Elements of Language 2nd Course – Holt, Rinehart, Winston
ReadingElements of Literature 2nd Course – Holt, Rinehart, Winston
Spelling & Vocabulary – Vocabulary Workshop Level C – Sadlier Oxford
Math – Algebra 1 – Glencoe, McGraw Hill
ScienceScience Level Owl– Glencoe
Social Studies – The American Journey – Glencoe
Spanish – 1B iExprésate! – Holt
Art – Color Theory, Artists: Michelangelo, Chagall and various styles
Media – Public Speaking, Literary Terminology


Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Keynote, Pages, iMovie
iPads for all students and access to numerous educational iPad apps
BenQ Interactive Boards in all classrooms
Accelerated Math
Accelerated Reading Program
Q-Talk (Spanish during the school day and optional French Club after school)


National Spelling Bee
National Geography Bee
Writing, Math & Art – per Diocese


St. Vincent’s Seminary – vocation awareness
Pope John Paul ll High School Drama Department play
DisneyWorld – Graduation trip
JA Finance Park


 Assigned Review Books & Reading Lists