Gifts for the Endowment that are received are held in trust perpetually and invested prudently and safely for the future. These are gifts from parishioners and friends interested in the present and future of St. Joan of Arc Parish and School. Only the net income or interest earned on those gifts will be used by the Development Office and the Parish Consultative bodies. This system will assure the parish and school of an ongoing source of income.
The Development Office and the Parish Consultative bodies will administer two separate funds:
The Parish Endowment Fund: donations to the parish endowment help support the ministry programs and general operational needs of the Parish.
The School Endowment Fund: donations to the school endowment are made to insure that the school will be passed to each future generation alive and healthy. This will allow us to make ongoing investments in its faculty, its programs, and its infrastructure. Additionally, we must make sure that the cost of a Catholic Education at SJA remains affordable to the people of our parish community. Donations may also be directed to a Targeted Support Fund that supports programs such as arts, athletics, english, language, math, science and technology.

Donors will be able to select which fund they would like their gifts to be directed to. In addition, donors may also select specific areas within the Endowment Fund they choose to have their gift support. Other programs of interest to donors should be discussed with the Director of Development.
As the assets of the endowment grow each year, so will the annual interest earned. This interest will enable the parish to not only sustain the many valuable programs of the parish and school, but to develop and expand those programs to meet future needs.

For more information please call MaryAnn Hodges at 561-952-2814 or email hodges_maryann@stjoan.org