Media Center


(Media Specialist) Ms. Alessandra Novoa has a B.S. in Primary and Elementary Education from Barry University and M.S. in Educational Technology with a Concentration in Digital Teaching and Learning from ACE. Ms. Novoa is Florida certified as a Media specialist, Early Childhood (Pre-K4 through 3rd), Primary Elementary (1st through 6th), and ESOL. Ms. Novoa has been an educator for over fifteen years. She has taught in numerous different multicultural backgrounds and positions, which have enhanced her understanding of the varying needs of students.

St. Joan of Arc School’s Media Center:

 Promotes reading by providing a wide range of books totaling over 19,000 titles, and reading materials to appeal to all.

 Offers print as well as e-book selections to make reading accessible to all students, all the time.

 Focuses on Classic Literature for both summer reading and in-school novels.

•  Uses the Accelerated Reader program as an incentive to encourage reading, as well as a tool to gauge student comprehension.

 Has a scheduled time for each class once a week which includes story time for young children, or a lesson pertaining to library/ literature skills for our older students, as well as free time for making book selections.

 Our Media Center is open after school until 3:30 for students escorted by their parents.

 Welcomes parent volunteers.

 Invites a local storyteller in three times during the school year.

 Holds two annual book fairs in the SJA Media Center, and a Holiday Music and Shopping event at our local Barnes  and Noble store.

Technologies in Use:

 Multimedia computers

 Ipads for use after school

 Young children’s listening center

 Interactive white boards/CCTV Campus display

 Smart Technologies handheld Responders


 E-books through Follett Shelf

 Internet-based Research programs are available to students at school and at home.

 Destiny Library Manager