About Our School

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School Mission Statement

St. Joan of Arc School, as part of the parish faith community, commits to building the Catholic identity of its students, to challenging them academically, and to preparing them for lives of service to others.

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School Vision Statement

St. Joan of Arc School, inspired by the charism of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, will provide students
with a comprehensive elementary school education that will prepare them for success in high school and beyond. Students will have the most disciplined study habits, the strongest foundational skills in language arts and mathematics, and the highest proficiency in the use of technological tools.  This education will be rooted in the traditions and truths of the Catholic faith, and students will manifest a commitment to grow in their spirituality, to build community, and to serve others.

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School Philosophy

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School is dedicated to the formation of the entire child.  The school addresses the spiritual, academic, social, physical, aesthetic, and emotional development of each child, in a Catholic environment where everyone strives to live God’s word through worship, community, and service.  The goals and objectives to implement the philosophy include the following:

 • To prepare students to make ethical life choices according to Catholic values;

To assist students in acquiring meaning and understanding of daily life through reflection on the scriptures,
Church tradition, and stewardship;

To help students to understand their responsibility to share their faith with others;

To provide an atmosphere of prayer through sacramental preparation and participation;

To effect growth in academic as well as extra-curricular activities;

To develop independent thinkers and lifelong learners in a technological society;

To instill in students a sense of respect for themselves and each other;

To continually review the school program to better serve the needs, interests, and talents of each student;

To encourage and facilitate a program of parental involvement.

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School Standards of Ethical Conduct

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