Individualized Reading Program (K-5)



Major Focuses and Objectives of the Individualized Reading Program

 St. Joan of Arc looks forward to utilizing the engaging and award winning MaxScholar eLearning Program to help students improve their reading, comprehension and phonics skills. A special focus will be placed in enhancing students’ ability to better determine the topic, main idea, and details when highlighting reading and writing.

 Enhance students’ reading progress at their grade level (Grades K-5) by working with students in a small group in 30 minute sessions (Kindergarten meets three times per week, grades 1 through 4 meet by grade level four times per week, grade 5 meets twice a week).

 Enrich and expose readers to curriculum at their grade level

 Work with homeroom teachers to reinforce reading and phonetic skills taught in the classroom

 Reinforce comprehension for reading selections being read in the classroom

 Keep informed of strengths and weaknesses from homeroom teachers

 Test students who need additional reinforcement in STAR Math and in STAR Reading on a more frequent basis.   Share detailed reports with teachers and parents

 Test new students attending the school

Textbooks and Curriculum

• Reading textbook -Houghton Mifflin-Journeys (Grades 1-5)

• Reading Comprehension Skills

Phonetic Skills – Beginning and Ending Sounds, Blends, Diagraphs, Vowels, Consonants, etc.

Comprehension Skills – Context Clues, Drawing Conclusions, Identifying Inferences, Main idea,                          Sequencing, Getting the Facts, Locating the Answer, Cause and effect, Following Directions, Recalling Details, Using Prior Knowledge, Generalizations, Comparing and Contrasting, Author’s Purpose, etc.

Writing Skills – Writing Traits, Thinking Maps, Paragraph Formation, EssayWriting, Answering a question in a complete sentence

Reading Fluency – Oral reading, Recording reading fluency on the iPad, Testing fluency

Technology – SMART Board – reinforcement of reading skills using SMARTNotebooks, program, Computer-web based program FLRT, Accelerated Reading tests, STAR reading tests, and Early Learning Literacy tests and iPad apps such as:

– My Story and Puppet Pals