Stewardship Club


7th Grade

The Stewardship Club meets during the last period every Thursday. This group takes up the collection during all school Masses. The students write the checks for our donations to help the needy.

Everything we have belongs to God, not to us. He has given us our families, our bodies, our talents and abilities. We are to take good care of His gifts to us, and we are to give back to Him and to others in a spirit of gratitude for all that we have received.

These few ideas represent the core of the Stewardship program at St. Joan of Arc. Students in all grades receive a body of knowledge of what constitutes stewardship through a formalized curriculum from the Archdiocese of Louisville. At each grade level, there are specific key concepts to be learned, and these are taught across the curriculum, in subjects such as language arts and mathematics, not strictly in religion classes.

Students are provided with opportunities to act on their knowledge of stewardship with the donation of their weekly Time, Talent, and Treasure (TTT) envelopes. On the envelopes, students express how they have used their own talents to serve others in God’s name during the week and all monies donated go to the Stewardship Club.

There is Stewardship Club for students in grade seven who are responsible for collecting the envelopes, counting the donations, and assisting all the students in the school to see that the money is used for charities and good works in the Boca Raton community and around the world. The Club currently oversees contributions to numerous groups, including Boca Helping Hands, Catholic Relief Services-via the Rice Bowl program, the Holy Childhood Association, Birthline, toys for the Parish Haitian Mission Christmas party, food drives for the Parish Food Pantry, and many other programs.