Middle School Math

CONGRATULATIONS TO MAX FUCHS (7A)! Max has won the National Champion Trophy 🏆 in Gamma Group for Level 5 and secured the National Rank of 4 in the 6th International 🌎 Mental Maths Olympiad. Max answered 33 mental math questions answered with 100% accuracy in 5 minutes. 👏 Keep up the great work Max! 🎉 We are so proud of our St. Joan of Arc School students!!

St. Joan of Arc School offers a wide variety of math courses at different levels, including high school math courses, tailored to the diverse learning styles of our students:

6th Grade Math Courses:
-6th Grade Math 
-6th Grade Math Advanced (Pre-Algebra)

7th Grade Math Courses:
-7th Grade Math
-7th Grade Math – Accelerated (Pre-Algebra)
-7th Grade Math – Advanced (Algebra 1 Honors)

8th Grade Math Courses:
-8th Grade Math (Pre-Algebra)
-Algebra 1 Honors (High School Credit)
-Geometry Honors (High School Credit)