St. Joan of Arc Church Mission Statement

 A wonderfully diverse Catholic community, we joyfully worship God,
celebrate fellowship and care for our neighbor .


St. Joan of Arc Church Core Value Statement

Faith, hope and love are the foundations upon which Saint Joan of Arc Church stands. The greatest of these is Love.  Manifested through our many volunteer ministries, this love shines as a beacon of hope to our community, providing compassion, care and support in accordance with God’s providential will and purposes.

We are a Spirit-enlivened, Christ-centered parish community guided by His teachings and example.  United as One Body, we worship God, welcome and embrace all, share fellowship, build up individuals and families, grow in our faith and study Holy Scripture as members of the universal Roman Catholic Church.  As People of God, our life reflects and is nourished by over two thousand years of spiritual and intellectual traditions

Our educational and faith formational programs foster open-mindedness, creativity and intellectual curiosity throughout our life-long pursuit of spiritual truth and wisdom.  We value individual differences, cultures, customs and beliefs while searching for and creating points of unity within our common humanity. In all that we do, we seek to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build up the Kingdom of God.