Grow in Love


In 2016 St. Joan of Arc will embody and be known as a true reflection of God’s love for all people.

Strategic Agenda

Over the next five years, we will:

A. Foster an environment where new and existing parishioners feel welcomed and are inspired to participate in the life of the church

B. Integrate and promote SJA’s cultural diversity

C. Reach out to and connect all generations

D. Promote SJA as a welcoming, inclusive, engaged community where people can live out and grow in their Catholic faith

E. Identify and utilize the strengths of our aging community

F. Engage more men in parish programs


Our St. Joan of Arc Parish Discernment & Strategic Plan is now at the Implementation stage. The Goals and priorities have been identified, and at this time you can become informed by our Journey Forward’s Initiatives Priorities brochure, and choose how you can help create the St. Joan of Arc of the future!

Get involved for you, your children, your family, your Parish, your community… your God!

To do your part and make a difference please call: 561-952-2816 or email