Family Scripture


Each week throughout the year, students receive a worksheet on the Sunday Gospel. This is called the Family Scripture Sharing Paper. It includes answering a few simple questions about the Gospel. Students are asked to return the paper, with a parent’s signature, each Monday morning to their religion teachers. This is considered homework for the students, and as such, is included in the assessment of their grades.

Each week in school, teachers preview the Sunday Gospel, preparing students to better listen to the Word of God proclaimed at the Sunday liturgy. Students and parents are asked to utilize the Scripture Sharing Paper as an opportunity to learn more about the Gospel and its application to their own families.

The following information is intended for use by St. Joan of Arc families in order to assist their students in completing the weekly Family Scripture Sharing papers.

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The following questions relate to the specific week’s Gospel Readings:

Student Questions

1. What does Jesus want you to learn from this
Gospel story?

2. Name something you can do to show you believe what
Jesus is teaching in this Gospel story.