Women of Grace


Pope John II, asked women to accept God’s urgent call to “aid humanity in to not falling.”

Did you know that God created you for a very special purpose and mission and that your womanhood is part of His plan? In this Women of Grace Foundational Study Series you will embark upon a journey of discovery and transformation as you explore the great call and gift of your femininity. You’ll delve into prayer, Sacred Scripture, Church documents and teachings, the Catechism and the lives of women saints.

By looking to the Blessed Virgin Mary who is our exemplar, you will find a spiritual path that leads you to the heart of the Father and the abundant life of Jesus Christ.

A powerful 9-week catholic Study series that will lead women upon a journey of discovery and transformation through prayer, scripture, church documents and teachings, the Cathecism and the lives of women saints Registration is required.

For more information about Women of Grace, please contact
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