Funeral Procedures

Contact the Funeral Home:

Babione/Kraeer Funeral Homes
1100 N Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, FL 33432
561-395- 8787

10060 Calle Comercio Dr., Boca Raton, FL 33428
561-483- 9500

Glick Family Funeral Home
3600 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, FL 33431
561-672- 1880

Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations
6140 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, FL 33487
561-997- 8580

The funeral director will offer you guidance and work with the Church when scheduling a funeral. After
your visit to the funeral home, the funeral home will contact the Church to coordinate the date and time
for the funeral.

A member of the Parish Funeral Ministry team will call you and they will send you an e-mail with the
information needed to plan the Funeral Mass. The Funeral Ministry team will handle many details for
you, as well as pray for you and your family. You will be asked to make several decisions in planning the

Funeral Mass:

1.) Selection of the readings (First Reading and Second Reading)
2.) Identify the baptismal name of loved one to complete the Prayers of the Faithful
3.) Identify who will be the readers (lectors) for the one or two readings and intercessions. (The
presiding celebrant will select the gospel)
4.) Identify who will be the gift bearers who will bring the bread and wine to the altar – 2 or 4

Other things to consider:
Music: You must contact the Music Director at 561-952- 2856 for guidelines in choosing the
appropriate music
Funeral Program: may be developed and printed by family if desired.
Military Honors: The Funeral Home makes these arrangements with the proper military
Memorial Donations: Identify who will receive memorial donations “in lieu of flowers.”
These can be directed to the Church, a scholarship fund, the Care Ministry, or any other
non-profit organization (the exact address is necessary for the Funeral program).
Costs: Normally, the costs for the use of the Church and the music ministry fees are included
in the comprehensive bill provided by the Funeral Home.
Flowers: Arrangements for flowers must be made directly with the Florist of your choice
(Boca by Design – 561-447- 5444, Carlos Marquez is a Florist who frequently donates flowers
to the Church). Your flowers may be taken after the funeral to the reception or your home.
If left at the church they will be viewed by parishioners as a remembrance of your loved

Celebration of Life Reception:

If this is planned you will need to determine where it will beheld, how your guests will be invited; how details and directions are provided (back of the Funeral Program or a separate handout).

Mercy Center is available to all active participating parishioners of St Joan of Arc.
If you would like to use Mercy Center you will need to contact Deacon Bill Watzek at 561-392- 0007 to determine availability. If approved, there is A fee of $100 to reserve the Mercy Center and your caterer must be license and insurance approved by the Diocese of Palm Beach. A drawing or a written explanation of how the room is to be set up must be
submitted with rental agreement. Clean up must be performed after event by the catering staff and individual
who rented facility.
Currently, the Diocesan approved Caterers are:
• Too Jays – phone # 561-659- 9011 ext.567, ask for Kinsey
• Tomassos – phone # 561-392- 8985
• Christafaros – phone # 561-835- 0066
• Hughs Catering – phone # 954-563- 4844

Items included in Mercy Center rental:
Thirty – 60 inch round tables (Accommodates approximately 8 per table)
Six – 72 inch round tables (Accommodates approximately 10 per table)
Chairs – There are approximately 300 chairs available for use.
Buffet tables – 40 rectangular with dimensions of 30” x 96”
Use of kitchen refrigerator and warming ovens by an authorized catering company.
Items not included in Mercy Center rental:
Linens, China, Flatware, Glassware, Center pieces, Guest registry (These items can be rented through the caterer or by contacting a rental company.)