1st Grade



(1A) Miss Jessica Muni holds a Bachelor’s of Art Degree from FAU, majoring in Early Care & Education, and graduating with honors. She is FL certified Pre-K3 through 3rd grade.

(1B) Miss Tiffany Alexopoulos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Pre-K/ Primary education from Nova Southeastern University, FL. She has been an educator since 2003.


Celebrate the life and teachings of Jesus
Learn about the lives of saints
Pray daily by saying learned prayers as well as spontaneous prayer and song
Attend school Masses and Prayer Services
Learn to share our time, talents and treasure with those in need


Daily lessons begin with hands on activities
Discover clues to solve word problems
Practice flash cards and speed tests to learn math facts
Incorporate Matletics.com at school and at home to compete with children around the world and to practice skills such as: addition and subtraction from 20, regrouping while adding, solving word problems, telling time to hour and half hour, using coins, adding three addends, shapes (solids and three dimensional), skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, place value
Daily class work, homework (no H.W. on Fridays), manipulatives and cooperative learning to reinforce concepts and skills


Journeys Series
Reading-understand characters, compare and contrast, read to comprehend, learning sight words (“Words to Know”), discover an author’s purpose, read fiction and non-fiction, make inferences and predictions
Phonics-learn decoding skills to discover new words
Spelling-correlate to weekly stories, apply to story writing
Writing-create stories in a variety of genres: biographies, make believe, etc.
AR-Accelerated Reader-read a book independently then take a short quiz which is computer generated to build Independent Reading Level


Spanish-twice weekly
Music-twice weekly, optional private group lessons for violin instruction (monthly fee)
PE twice a week
Art-once a week
Library-once a week
Computer Lab-once a week
*Ballet is optional (once a week during the school day with a one time recital fee)
*Violin is optional during the day (for an additional fee)


Use of SMART Board enhances all lessons throughout the day
Use of iPads and SmartTable


Harcourt for Social Studies and Scholastic News and Agriculture in the class for Science
Weekly lessons, incorporated into weekly reading lessons
Students will go to the middle school science lab to do an experiment once a quarter


Arctic Animal Diorama Project
Book in a Bag Book Report
In-house Spelling Bee competition
Community service learning projects


Accelerated Reader Kick-off (dress up as your favorite book character and bring your favorite book to school day)
Around the World Day (dress up in your heritage clothing or wear red, white and blue and “travel” from country to country and get their “passport” stamped (class to class), sample food, do research and decorate their classroom in their assigned country’s traditions
Grandparents Day
Christmas Program
St Patrick’s Day Program


Visits from High Tech/ High Touch twice a year, and others to be announced.


Available after school for first graders such as: Creative Culinary I, Scouts, Drama, Irish Step, Soccer, Science, and Mandarin.