National Junior Honor Society



mid-year 7th Grade – 8th Grade

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is comprised of students in grade 8 and mid-year grade 7 and mid-year grade 6 who have demonstrated the following qualities: Leadership, Citizenship, Character, and an Academic Cumulative Average of 90% or above and all A’s. The NJHS perform service activities for both the school and community and additionally serve as leaders to the SJA student body.
– Student must be a current 6 th , 7 th , or 8 th Grader and have completed one semester at SJA.

– See above ; and maintain all 3’s & 4’s in Conduct and Effort
– Once a student is in NJHS they must maintain a 90% overall average and have no more than one B that is 85% or better.

– Student is required to have 20 hours of community service above and beyond what we do as a group.
– The deadline for service hours is April 1.
– If you miss Wreaths Across America, you must complete a preapproved, 2 hour community service project by January 30th.

– Be leaders whenever and wherever possible. Your peers are looking to you as an example.
– Be positive and proactive in situations in your grade/school.
– Demonstrate leadership qualities such as a strong work ethic, ability to problem solve, and organizational skills.
– Accept personal responsibility for your actions.
– Serve or recently have served in a leadership position in a club or an organization.

– Demonstrate trustworthiness, fairness, caring.
– Follow the guidelines for behavior as outlined in the Parent/ Student Handbook.
– Student cannot be involved in any form of bullying, violence, or cheating.

– Students must demonstrate the following: respect for authority; respect for the rights and property of others; and respect and consideration toward the differences of others.
– Students must demonstrate a continued desire to contribute to the good of the school/ parish/and civic community.
– Students may receive no more than 2 detentions or 1 conduct slip (2 points) in one quarter and
no more than a total of 3 detentions or equivalent sum (3 points) in one school year.
– Receiving a suspension at any time renders student ineligible for, and/or dismissal from, theNJHS.