“I joined St. Joan of Arc during a period of confusion and indecision in my young adult years.  To my surprise, not only did I find a spiritual home, but also a renewal in my Catholic faith.  The St. Joan of Arc parish community was very inspiring and welcoming.  I found multiple role models and friends in the course of my journey.  Through the ministries and parish activities, I was able to grow closer to God.  I have never had a parochial experience comparable to that and I am happy to have joined the St. Joan of Arc parish family.

– Thierry Jean-Charles

“I became a parishioner at St. Joan of Arc before I was married. I loved Monsignor Mc Mahon. His warm Pittsburgh personality and homilies always made me feel good to start the week.

Now I’m married with three sons who all attend St. Joan of Arc Catholic School. My family’s lives are so full of the close friendships we have made at St Joan of Arc. There is so much to be involved in at St. Joan of Arc. My husband volunteers with coaching sports at the school and I help with the Home and School Team. My sons are Altar Servers. My parents, who recently retired to Florida, are parishioners and my father is an Usher.

Being involved is wonderful, but also the sense of love and community and knowing we are a part of a strong church helps me keep my faith. Life has ups and downs and St. Joan of Arc is there to help me get through it all. When I enter church for Mass I feel like my weekly stress is lifted. The choir relaxes me and is so moving that it makes even my boys feel like singing. I see a loving smile from a fellow parishioner and I feel good. I listen to the homily and I’m inspired.
I leave Mass full of love and ready to start my week. I’m so happy that I found St. Joan of Arc.”

– Ann Marie Hicks

“It is wonderful to come every day to this church where my family has grown spiritually. Throughout the years,
I have been involved in many different ministries. I find enlightenment and guidance at Mass always. Walking into St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church is like coming home.”

– Mary Jane Sullivan

“We have been parishioners at St. Joan’s for 39 years. Monday through Friday, the doors are open for me to attend the 6:15 rosary and Mass at 6:45 with my church family. A family that prays together  stays together I’ve been told. In this case it’s been a reality for me. It seems I’ve been doing just that in our chapel as long as it’s been there.

It’s a full life at St. Joan’s with ministries to work with others, social events to eat, sometimes dance and sometimes for special concerts or other special programs. I am blessed to participate in Mass 7 days a week. I have Bible Study to attend on Sundays, There is the CCW with social events almost once a month during the school year and our circle meetings. I’ve been blessed to be an EM to bring Holy Communion to the Hospital, Nursing Homes and Homebound. There are so many other ministries and organizations at St. Joan’s to fill in all the hours of every week. How very blessed we all are here.
St. Joan’s is a wonderful combination of an active social and prayerful life. We look out for each other, pray together and share in each others joys and sorrows. I do believe, being part of the St. Joan’s parish is a huge taste of the glory and happiness of what will come to all of us when we get to heaven.”

– Mary Springs

“I am a cradle Catholic, so naturally, I attend Church. Wherever I live, I attend, Sunday and mostly daily Masses. While retiring to Florida, in 2009, I landed in Boynton Beach, and attended St. Mark’s. Soon, I found myself dating this lovely lady who attended St. Joan of Arc, so I too started coming to Mass, First Sunday Mass. Then I learned she attended daily Mass, at 6:45am. (My daily Mass at St. Mark’s was 8am. I was not too certain about 6:45am and the early morning drive from Boynton to Boca.) Yet, I did wake, make the drive, sat in the pew for 6:45 Mass, and there she was. SO one thing lead to another, and soon we were dating, engaged, married.
So why do I like St Joan of Arc? It’s a dynamic parish, the campus is constantly a hub of activities. The Masses offer my spiritual rejuvenation. The homilies, from our Pastor, parochial vicars and deacons are inspiring. They bring the gospel to me in today’s understanding of my world. The energy of the congregation, the choir, the ushers provide a feeling of welcoming and community. The various ministries, care, bereavement, Knights, spiritual life, Bible Study provide fellowship and support during this time when we are bombarded with the instant communication from a world of instant insanity and fear. The congregational family at St. Joan of Arc, through the guidance of our Pastor, provide  a steadfast anchor to the love and teaching and goal to be with Christ for eternity.”

– Ronald Sheldon

“In 1990 I became a Catholic in large part due to the love and acceptance I felt at our St. Joan of Arc Church. When I met people at church, I felt kindness, caring and community.  The people I met seemed humble and non-judgmental. I was treated as an equal in a Bible Study class despite my being non-Catholic.  On a walk with a friend one day, I referred to St. Joan as “my church.”  I joined RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) where I had my questions answered and was confirmed several months later.  I love our church and continue to enjoy learning about Catholicism, now, at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach where I attend classes with many future priests and deacons.”

– Janet Zann Sheldon

“We have been parishioners at St. Joan of Arc now for over 25 years. We were initially attracted to St. Joan of Arc because we wanted our children to attend Catholic Schools. From the very beginning of our family faith journey, we have met amazing families that share our same Catholic values. We became actively involved in a large variety of ministries and events throughout the years. As a result of our involvement both in the school and in the church, we have made life-long friends and have grown deeper in our faith. We love sharing our love for Christ with others and consider St. Joan of Arc community our spiritual family and home.”

– Paul & Terry Story and family

“We joined St. Joan of Arc in 2000 (Ben a convert and Kathy a revert), drawn by the remarkable relationship with Temple Beth-El and the generosity of the Care Ministry. Attending a Koinonia Parish Retreat in 2002 we found ourselves surrounded by an incredible community of love within the broader church home. We have discovered anew the beautiful truth that our parish is not just an address where we worship, but rather the organic and incarnate body of Christ where we experience the concrete and tangible love of our Savior.”

– Ben & Kathy Troxell

Our family has a 20-year long, happy relationship with St. Joan of Arc School. All 4 of our children attended SJA, and our three oldest today are grown and successful in their young adult pursuits. Each received a wonderful elementary education in an environment of Catholic, Christian faith and values with emphasis on academic development. The administration, from Principal Sr. Ellen Murphy, the staff and the faculty are devoted to the educational and faith development that is crucial for our children to be ready for the challenges of high school, college, and beyond. Our youngest child is a SJA student today and we are blessed to have him learning and growing in the SJA community. I highly recommend St. Joan of Arc School for parents who desire an excellent, Catholic education for their children.

St. Joan of Arc parishioner for 21 years

– Maureen C. Rodriguez

We can not say enough about our parish. We feel so comfortable that it is like our second home.  Our family has made so many wonderful lifelong friends in our time here that we feel truly blessed. We believe in catholic education and faith formation.  It is important to us that our children are raised and schooled in an envirmonment that develops our children with a good moral and virtuous base as they grow.  St. Joan of Arc School is the perfect place for us to foster our children both intellectually and spiritually.   Additionally the teachers, administrators, classmates and friends are wonderful people to surround our children with.

Above all we are touched by the great concern our parish displays for the needs of its parishioners and community. Outreach and service to individuals in need is a huge part of our parish. It is an environment built on love and support and our family cherishes our time here.

St. Joan of Arc parishioners for 10 years

– The Rhodes Family

I am the mother of four children.  Our oldest child started St. Joan when she was in Pre-K3, and our plan was to send her to St. Joan until she was old enough to start in public school.  We quickly learned that St. Joan was more than a school, it became our second home.  The teachers are wonderful, and we consider the friends we have made our family. My kids are excelling academically. I love the fact that my children are able to pray at school, and that they belong in a community where religion is valued.   I now have three kids attending St. Joan, and as soon as my youngest is old enough, he will continue the tradition.

St. Joan of Arc parishioners for 8 years

– Alexandra De Varona

Church is not just a building but also a community of believers in Jesus Christ and more. St. Joan’s is also a family. When my family and I moved to Florida from Brooklyn, New York over 30 years ago, my uncle whose older children attended St. Joan’s School and my sister introduced us to this parish.

Thanks to Sr. Immaculata, I became involved in the Religious Education Program. It is close to 30 years now. Every year, I love watching the children grow in faith. There is something new to learn about my faith each year.

What makes St. Joan of Arc special? St. Joan of Arc is also a caring, and a faith-filled community. We have been lucky to have pastors, such as Msgr. Michael D. McGraw, who are dedicated, caring, pious, spiritual, and willing to go the extra mile for this parish.

Throughout the years, the priests, and deacons assigned to this parish have been of the same caliber.

What makes this parish tick? The many great ministries. The parishioners who volunteer for these ministries are the heart of this parish.

May God continue to bless, keep this parish safe, and let it continue to grow.

St. Joan of Arc parishioner for over 31 years

– Kathryn Meyers

My name is Gerry Liguori and I have been a parishioner of St. Joan of Arc for almost 20 years.

St. Joan of Arc church has been an intricate part of my family life.  In fact, it was through the Migrant Ministry at St. Joan of Arc where I met my incredible wife Chris who also was a volunteer.  It was the parish where we shared our memorable wedding vows and where our five children were baptized into the Catholic Faith.  Our children have continued to be nurtured in our faith by attending St. Joan of Arc School and accredited Blue Ribbon School.  The curriculum not only sets high standards on education but also strong morals and values, thanks to Principal Sister Ellen.

Beyond the classroom, Tessie O’Dea has been an inspiration through the youth program which fostered our children with spiritual retreats and social events.  St. Joan of Arc has been our parish where we have enjoyed much fellowship with many other parishioners during our family’s joyous times, but also have been a tremendous support in our family’s challenging times.

In 2009, I had lost my sister Rosemary, Mom and Dad within 7 months…it was the darkest time of our lives.  Monsignor McGraw came to the house and anointed my Dad with the sacrament of the sick shortly after we all were amazed at the calmness and peace that came over my Dad…what a true blessing.  We were grateful for so many kind deeds and prayers and fellow parishioners who provided us such support and strength.

We have been very blessed to be a part of St. Joan of Arc church and in turn have been equally blessed to have St. Joan of Arc become a part of us.

St. Joan of Arc parishioners for 21 years

– The Liguori Family

Dear Monsignor McGraw,

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy and appreciate the talent, time, and effort of all the dedicated folks in our Music Ministry. Because we lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia for the last 30 years, our children were born, baptized, confirmed in the same Church. Being teenagers we often heard gripes of Mass being boring, the cantor is awful and do we have to go every week etc, etc. my response was always we do not go to Church to be entertained. The Choir, various music groups, and cantors were all comprised of volunteers, and while we admired their dedication and service, they were not professionally trained and thus the experience varied week to week.

Dr. Lola Gonzalez’s group is absolutely amazing, enhancing our weekly experience. Week after week, Mass after Mass, the music is uplifting, awe inspiring, and totally enjoyable. Our thirteen year old son described Doug’s voice as “so smooth is audible chocolate…” the ladies did a super rendition of Ave Maria solo that just gave me chills. They took terms switching up and I did not even realize that they were two of them taking turns. They have voices like angels. I thought to myself, whatever comes first, a wedding or my funeral, I will be happy to know they will sing at either. I won’t mind passing away at our new parish of Saint Joan of Arc, though I pray God keeps me alive long enough to see some grand children.

Msgr. McGraw as a Pastor, I imagine you often have to evaluate the value added by various ministries. The Music Ministry at our parish was one of the nicest gifts at our parish of Saint Joan of Arc. Every 12:15 Mass closes with applause for the wonderful music we all enjoy. Kudos to Lola and her team!

Being new to Florida and to Saint Joan of Arc, we prayed to find a parish community that would welcome us. We jumped in with both feet, our boys usher weekly at 12:15 Mass soon our daughter will join them and my husband both lector. The twins are graduating from Saint Joan of Arc in June. Sister Ellen, Sister Josephine and the wonderful teachers have made us completely at home in just one year. Having Lola and her group as a constant in our weekly Mass attendance only adds to our joy and makes us smile down to our hearts.

Thank you for your time and all that you do to lead us,

God Bless you,

–  Rehana (Roe) Molloy

I’m so excited to be a confirmed Catholic. I now feel this is the place God wants me to be. I have never felt right in any church I’ve been in, but I do now and I feel I have closure on all the things I’ve done in my life. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again.

– Teresa Williams

La casa Hispana de la Iglesia Santa Juana de Arco ha sido y es para mi un lugar muy especial. Es una casa en donde se siente paz! Yo me he sentido muy bienvenida desde el primer día que fui. Los jueves a las 9am me lleno mucho de paz cuando nos reunimos a rezar el rosario. Soy casada y madre de un niño de 16 años. Mi hijo habiendo nacido aquí en EEUU tiene mucha influencia americana…en la casa Hispana el puede compartir la religión Católica con la comunidad latina…es lindo ver como el ha aprendido las tradiciones de nuestra cultura como por ejemplo la celebración de el día de la Virgen de la Candelaria. Mi esposo también esta encantado con las diferentes actividades en el que ha asistido como por ejemplo el retiro que ofreció el Padre Sotomayor. Ese retiro estuvo maravilloso! Constanza Preble siempre esta promoviendo e informándonos de las diversas actividades. Le doy gracias a Dios pues la Casa Hispana de Santa Juana de Arco es un excelente lugar para reunirse y compartir en comunidad con personas cercanas a Dios.

Feligresa de la Casa Hispana de Santa Juana de Arco

– Claudia Pardo


“My family and I would like to thank all St. Joan of Arc parishioners, ministries and staff members for coming to our aid in our time of desperate need. I thank God for  His blessed holy loving people who have shown us such compassion, sacrifice and loving hearts. My family and I want to wrap our arms around each and every one of you. We love you and we are praying for you now and forever.  There will a be Mass intention on May 27th, Pentecost Sunday, for everyone who has helped.”

– With love and appreciation Debra  Minsal  and Family


“Your generosity and the information you gave me helped me out more than you know.  You all have very special hearts and are very good at opening them to many people in need.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the groceries.  I need help and can’t afford things and this came at the right time.  Thank you so much.”

“Thank you St. Joan of Arc Care Ministry very much for the rent assistance I received.  Bless you all, a great burden was lifted from my shoulders.  I thank God every day I am able to keep my apartment.  You are wonderful people and God has blessed me through all of you.”

“Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the helping hand you provided to my family and I.  We appreciate the help sincerely and will forever carry your organization in our hearts.  Without you we would be in the dark with no way out and no means to pay our light bill.  My seven and two year old sons would truly be in the dark if it wasn’t for you.  I will be forever grateful.”

“You’ve been an inspiration to me and given me a new perspective on a lot of things.  I’ll always remember the ways you’ve helped me.  I’m very grateful with all my heart and God bless you all.”

“Our family thanks you so much for allowing God to use your ministry to bless our family.  We were in a situation that we were about to loose our home but God sent us your way.  I thank you for having such caring people in your ministry who are concerned about the well being of God’s people.  May you continue to help this community.”

“Thank you!  Those words don’t seem like enough to express my gratitude for your ministry.  My family has been helped by you on more than one occasion and for that we just want to say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to everyone there who is so caring and volunteers their time and efforts.  God bless you all.”

“I wanted to drop you a thank you note to let you know how grateful I am to you and the St. Joan of Arc Care Ministry for your generous help.  I am blessed to be part of a wonderful parish community.  We thank you again for all you do for St. Joan and those in need.”

“To the kind people of the St. Joan of Arc Care Ministry, I want to thank you for your assistance with my car insurance.  It really helped me and lessened some of the burden with my financial situation.  Thank you for your kindness.  It is much appreciated.”

“Almost two years ago I was very grateful to receive some much needed rental assistance from the St. Joan of Arc Care Ministry.  It was such a huge relief in a very stressful time and I remember fondly how kind everyone was.”

“I now live in Texas but am very happy to be able to return the money plus some extra to further your wonderful work in helping people there.  Thank you so much for everything you and St. Joan of Arc do.”


“Thank you for your letter to me.  It was very kind of you to tell me where my donation went.  I had full confidence that the money would be used wisely; your letter made my donation personal.  This is exactly what I had in mind when I sent my check – that the gift of generosity shown to me would be passed on, that I would be a conduit to making a reality of Jesus’ admonition to us.

As I explained before, the generosity extended to me was many years ago; something moved me at this time to repay that direct to St. Joan of Arc.  Now I know why.  There is a saying, “There are no coincidences, only God working anonymously”.  I believe God was working through me to directly help, in some small way, the family that you told me about.

In the sure belief that you have the problems facing other families in your heart, I am sending another check for you to pass on.”