2018 SJA School Sports Banquet

This year we gave sports awards (such as MVP, most improved and spirit) to all of our teams as well as the Gator award to one person on each team. Our coaches took the stage to present the awards. Miss Martorana led the school Sports Banquet and presented the Gator awards. She also gave a speech about what success means to the athlete, which can be read below:

“The dictionary defines success simply as– The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Athletes, I ask you, what was your aim or purpose of this season? To win a championship? To score a goal? To beat the other team?
Winston Churchill once said ‘Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm’
‘Success does not lie in the results, but in the efforts. Being the results is not so important. Doing the best is all that matters’
If you can sit in your seat and know that you gave your best efforts each game, you maintained enthusiasm after a loss, you did not give up when times got tough, then you know you did have a successful season.
The next time you think of your aim or purpose of a season, will it be to win a championship? Or will it be to play to your full potential every game, support your teammates when they are down, be a better player each and every game, improving your weaknesses each step of the way.”


Volleyball – Sofia Blair
Flag Football – Grant McDonald
Cheerleading – Annabella Dlugos
Girls Basketball – Samantha Shortley
Boys Soccer – Christian Dohler
Boys Basketball – Matthew Hicks
Girls Soccer – Sofia Blair
Softball  – Kara Silk
Baseball  – Aidan Hernandez
Tennis  – Lilliana Corsa
Golf  – Matthew Hicks