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Hot Lunch Program

St. Joan of Arc contracts SLA Management, to manage and operate the hot lunch program for the  school. SLA Management has been providing boutique style food service programs to private, charter, and district schools for the past 15 years. Their offerings are very diverse, containing only the highest quality ingredients, and are student and parent approved. SLA Management is proud to announce the release of our new Cafeteria Hub. With this tool, parents, students and staff will now have access to an upgraded version of your school’s menu, nutritional and allergy information, payment portal, and much more.

To Create an Account:

1. Go to: About SLA Management
2. Click on: Parent Login Button
3. Click on: Button

Parents will also need the School Zip-Code: 33432 to find St. Joan of Arc School.

For more information, please visit the SLA Lunch Cafeteria Hub and Menus
for Saint Joan of Arc Catholic School.