This past Tuesday, we broke ground for our new Mercy Center and Gazebo.  Bishop Barbarito, parishioners and school children gathered in prayer and celebration of a dream becoming reality.  Over three years ago, our parish began a pastoral planning process that continues to guide our programming and parish development today.  Together we discerned Six Goals to guide our future.  We continue to work on each of them and are making measurable progress.  Because new buildings, playing field and prayer areas (Goal Five) are more visible than some other initiatives as we enter and leave our campus we will soon be noticing campus improvements and signs of construction.  What began this week as a few shovels turning up the soil is really the culmination of a generous development effort that has raised a significant part of the necessary capital for our new expansion.  Our parish has been blessed by the planning, hard work and administration of our Development Ministry under the leadership of Wendy Horton, the Campaign Development Committee, the Mission/Finance Council and hundreds of donors.  In the Fall, we will begin the final phase of our pastoral campaign in order to bring it to a successful completion.  We will need the help of all parishioners especially those who have not yet committed to be a part of this exciting “work of the Lord”.  Remember no gift is too small and it is the intention to give back to God that really counts.  Together we are moving from the blue skies of vision and dreams to the earth of concrete reality and visible achievement.

As is always the case with beautiful architecture, it seeks to capture the energy, enthusiasm, identity and mission of those who create and build.  The great Cathedrals of the past did just that in a truly remarkable and lasting way.  Our new buildings and beautiful campus improvements will capture our parish’s commitment to a present full of opportunities and a future that we can only imagine.  We will be able to serve the growing downtown Boca Raton community as a welcoming and effective Catholic community that is grounded in tradition and on the move today.  The New Mercy Center will be a home for our ministries, social activities, culture and the arts.  Our new Gazebo will provide another all weather gathering place for use by school and parish.  Our new playing field and green areas will provide space for parish and school fun times and recreation. Gracious new welcoming entrances to our campus will make our community visible and easily accessible.

With our new physical plant resources, we will be better able to witness to the Good News of the Gospel and announce the new life and new possibilities that come from a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, His Body.  After all, everything that we do as Catholics should help others to meaningful encounter the love and mercy of God through our Gospel living.  It is the life of the Spirit, the life of community and common purpose that we will share in our new home. If we think of our whole campus as in some sense the House of God, it is holy ground to which we will welcome people.  Who we are and what we stand for needs to be expressed in ways that people can see and experience.  Our new parish improvements capture a gracefully evolving Catholic community and serve as a beautiful invitation to help others “Come and see the Lord” and experience His joy, peace and mercy.


– Msgr. Michael D. McGraw