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By Ladislav Kováč

ISBN-10: 3319206591

ISBN-13: 9783319206592

ISBN-10: 3319206605

ISBN-13: 9783319206608

This quantity analyses the evolution of humankind through combining methods from technology and the humanities. It bargains a unique viewpoint at the evolution of existence on the earth, in response to a contemporary reformulation of the second one legislations of thermodynamics when it comes to the “maximum entropy creation principle.”

In essence, the Earth is yet one of the “white holes” within the universe, the place existence features as a selected association for the speedy dissipation of strength gradients by way of producing self-organized constructions. Evolution of existence within the universe is an inventive strategy of expanding complexity as a Bayesian ratchet of data accumulation, advancing in an evolutionary maze characterised through myriad blind alleys. in the world, the human species has improved greater than the other by means of growing artefacts that experience turn into either brokers and items of in our cumulative cultural evolution. tradition has dramatically greater the speed of dissipation of power gradients. Extrapolating from the acceleration of cultural evolution means that humanity will achieve the Civilization Singularity in the course of the twenty first century, some extent in time at which the speed of adjustments, and consequently their unpredictability and uncontrollability, will converge to infinity. Humankind has now entered the final word age, during which the exuberance and splendour of human feats could be metaphorically likened to fireworks.

The writer highlights a brand new function of scientists as intellectuals who can create “music for the fireworks” through analysing the results of the remarkable dynamics with a purpose to make the remaining section of human evolution a chic one marked by means of minimum political and social tensions.

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We are something truly new under the sun, with uncharted and perhaps limitless potential […]. Any ape can reach for banana, but only humans can reach for the stars. Apes live contend, breed, and die in forest—end of story. Humans write, investigate, create, and quest” (Ramachandran 2011). ” The recurrent theme of the present work is the assertion that humans do not have their fate in their hands and the claim that this assertion should be abandoned as a neo-Enlightenment illusion. But taking the word “hand” not as a metaphor but as a real object, an organ of the human body, we can posit: the gulf that separates humans from other animals and makes humans unique has its origin and its basis in the uniqueness of the human hand.

Proc Natl Acad Sci US 96:11904–11909 Haken H (1977) Synergetics. Springer, Berlin Hanč J, Taylor EH, Tuleja S (2005) Variational mechanics in one and two dimensions. Am J Phys 73:603–610 Hume D (1947) Dialogue concerning natural religion. In: Kemp Smith N (ed) Introduction. Bobbs-Merill, Indianapolis Jaynes ET (1963) Gibbs vs Boltzmann entropies. Am J Phys 33:391–398 Jaynes ET (2003) Probability theory: The logic of science. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge MA Kant I (1784) Idea for a universal history from a cosmopolitan point of view.

Yet, many devoted Darwinists insisted that humans are special. Julian Huxley, a cocreator of modern “synthetic theory of evolution,” in a book entitled Man in the Modern World, has an introductory chapter called, “The Uniqueness of Man,” probably written in the 1920s (Huxley 1947). He pointed out that for the first followers of Darwin, “man was an animal like any other,” but later the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction: humans are different. Some other biologists published books or essays carrying a similar title.

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