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Download e-book for iPad: Candleburn by Jack Hayes

By Jack Hayes

Dubai. A urban of simple funds, or even more uncomplicated death.

Nate Aspinal returns to the town from a vacation to discover of his staff murdered.
Both sufferers are present in resort bogs - with the surface in their palms and feet got rid of.
All clues element to the notorious ‘Candle’ terrorist workforce who're rumoured to burn their sufferers in the course of interrogations.

As Nate starts to find extra in regards to the terrorists, his younger kin is abducted via the vengeful ‘Candle’ in an try to silence him. Nate quickly realises he's stuck in the midst of a bad conspiracy. Royal lives are at risk, and he needs to persuade the experts catastrophe is set to strike…before it's too late.

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Candleburn by Jack Hayes

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