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Campaign and Election Reform (Library in a Book) by Harry Henderson PDF

By Harry Henderson

ISBN-10: 0816051364

ISBN-13: 9780816051366

This article offers with concerns on the topic of the subject of crusade and election reform. It examines questions akin to how applicants elevate crusade money and what participants anticipate from them in go back and even if there could be criminal limits on how much cash applicants can increase or spend.

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A typical television issue ad might sound something like this: “Joe Blow thinks it’s a good idea to make it harder for a woman to exercise her right to choose. He’s backing tough new restrictions on abortion advocated by extreme right-wing fundamentalists. ” The ad would then flash a phone number. Although nominally about an issue such as abortion, Social Security, or health care reform, the real purpose of the ad is to portray a candidate as having a position that is extreme and out of touch with the voters.

Besides the growing activity in the states, the 1990s saw a number of high-profile efforts to make campaign finance reform a national issue. In 1992, independent candidate H. Ross Perot captured 19 percent of the popular vote for president with an idiosyncratic populist campaign in which, ironically, his attack on the moneyed interests could be heard only because he was a billionaire who could pay for his own access to the media. At the end of the decade, consumer advocate Ralph Nader took on what he characterized as two major parties that both served global corporate interests, not the needs of the people.

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Campaign and Election Reform (Library in a Book) by Harry Henderson

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