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British Industry and Economic Policy - download pdf or read online

By G. C. Allen (auth.)

ISBN-10: 134904475X

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They were for the most part conducted in large establishments. Being new, they cared little for the traditions of domestic industry, and they were ready to adopt new methods of administration and control as well as the latest mechanical devices. The advance of the new engineering trades, moreover, had an important influence on the hardware producers. A large demand arose for engineering components which the small metal industries, now that the demand for their former products had fallen, attempted to meet.

In other words, where the prospective advantages of alternative sites to the manufacturer do not differ substantially, it would be reasonable for the government to tilt the balance so as to favour the creation of diversified areas by diverting new industries to places at present highly specialised. A national policy of industrial location would thus have as its purpose both the alleviation of heavy localised unemployment and also the shaping of industrial centres which would be less vulnerable in times of change than the old specialised regions have shown themselves to be during the last decade.

While the new large-scale industries were advancing, the 1914-18 War and the postwar depression have seen a positive decline in several of the older trades, including some of those which had remained progressive up to 1914. Among these are such manufactures as jewellery and chains, which are still the home of the small master. Thus, just as the Great Depression marked the end of the wrought-iron age and of the Birmingham area's unchallenged supremacy as a centre of the small metal trades, so it saw the beginning of a new stage in the development of industrial organisation.

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British Industry and Economic Policy by G. C. Allen (auth.)

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