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Read e-book online Bird Skin Coat (Brittingham Prize in Poetry) PDF

By Angela Sorby

ISBN-10: 0299231909

ISBN-13: 9780299231903

ISBN-10: 0299231933

ISBN-13: 9780299231934

ISBN-10: 0299231941

ISBN-13: 9780299231941

Chook pores and skin Coat is brimming with startling moments of good looks came upon inside a rusty and decayed panorama. With wild lyrical photos of ascent and descent—doves and dives, sparrows and slugs, attics and cellars—this assortment displays Sorby’s willing eye for mixing photographs. As they trip among the higher Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, those poems discover how the novel instability of the area is additionally the resource of its energy.  Honorable point out, Posner Book-Length Poetry Award, Council for Wisconsin Writers  Winner, top e-book of Poetry, Midwest booklet Awards Winner, Lorine Niedecker Poetry Award, Council for Wisconsin Writers

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Bird Skin Coat (Brittingham Prize in Poetry) by Angela Sorby

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