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Read e-book online B-26 Marauder Units of the MTO (Osprey Combat Aircraft 73) PDF

By Mark Styling

ISBN-10: 1846033071

ISBN-13: 9781846033070

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This e-book isn't meant to be a heritage of the British military within the commonly authorized feel of the time period. therefore small area is dedicated to numerous strategical and tactical issues of the prior which usually bulk mostly in additional general naval histories - of which a sufficiency exist already.

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On 14 March 1944, with K-99, it was ordered to the aid of a pilot adrift in a life raft and stood by until he was II-7 rescued by a crash boat. Revised to ZP2K1ZSG-2 type and assigned to Glynco in 1953, it assisted in the search for two persons lost in the bay near Brunswick, GA, directed a Coast Guard crash boat to a downed Air Force P-47, and investigated a report of a parachute sighting by an Eastern Airlines pilot near Savannah, GA (it was a pilotless drone plane from Hunter Air Force Base).

K-14 - Serial 04364, Goodyear envelope D-180 (first 425,000 cubic feet volume), control car C72, control surfaces F-122, delivered to Lakehurst 11 September 1942. It was the first airship to dock in the new steel hangar at South Weymouth, MA. Assigned to ZP-11, it aided a disabled gunboat on 18 February 1943. K-14 crash-landed in the Atlantic off the coast of Maine 02 July 1944. Six lives were lost: LT Charles W. Kluber, ARM2c John B. Powles, AMM2c John V. Oldar, ARM2c Edward J. Drzewiecki, ARM3c William H.

K-9 - Serial 04359, Goodyear envelope 0-173, control car C-67, control surfaces F-117, delivered to Lakehurst 29 June 1942. It was assigned to ZP-14 at Weeksville, NC. K-9 located a lifeboat with six survivors of the 55 Mo/danger on 15 July 1942; it lowered provisions and notified surface craft for rescue. It was re-assigned to South Weymouth. With ZP-11 on 18 April 1944, it assisted in the rescue of three Navy fliers after a collision of two planes off Nantucket Island. K-9 was blown into its mast at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 30 September 1944.

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B-26 Marauder Units of the MTO (Osprey Combat Aircraft 73) by Mark Styling

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