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By Tomasz Klejdysz, Bhadriraju Subramanyam, and Jan Nawrot David W. Hagstrum

ISBN-10: 1891127756

ISBN-13: 9781891127755

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Dermestes gulo Mulsant and Godart 1855 Distribution (4): Cosmopolitan. Af 10, As 3, E 18, SA 4 Commodities (4): anv 100%, gp 0% wheat flour (u), wheat germ (u), os 0% peanut (u) Facilities: dairies, factories, food-processing facilities, hospitals, hotels, offices, meat packing plants, milk powder plants, residences, shops, slaughterhouses, tanneries Life history: Coombs 1979, Jacob and Fleming 1984 (continued on next page) 52 chapter 2 T a b l e 2 . , Dermestidae, syn. Dermestes luganensis Stierlin 1902.

1978, James and Vogele 2000 (continued on next page) Stored-Product Insects 33 T a b l e 2 . , Nitidulidae, syn. Carpophilus immaculatus Lucas 1849. For additional synonyms see Gillogly 1962 and Löbl and Smetana 2007. 3% Facilities: peanut shelling plants, peanut warehouses (continued on next page) 34 chapter 2 T a b l e 2 . ), syn. Cartodere apicalis (Blackburn 1888). For additional synonyms see Löbl and Smetana 2007. Distribution (7): Cosmopolitan. , Lathridiidae, originally Lathridius nodifer Westwood 1839, also as Aridius nodifer, Coninomus nodifer.

2%, v 0% alfalfa pellet (u), ryegrass pellet (u) Facilities: bone-crushing works, dry milk factories, empty cargo containers, food-processing facilities, local fish markets, meat packing plants, peanut shelling plants, peanut warehouses, poultry houses, skin yards, slaughterhouses, soap factories, tanneries Life history: Bellemare and Brunelle 1950, Kiritani 1959, Paul et al. 1963, Richardson and Goff 2001, Scoggin and Tauber 1949 (continued on next page) Stored-Product Insects 53 T a b l e 2 .

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Atlas of Stored-Product Insects and Mites by Tomasz Klejdysz, Bhadriraju Subramanyam, and Jan Nawrot David W. Hagstrum

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