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By Karl Kerschl

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Ramey, commander of the 8th, would have then retracted Blanchard's disc story with a weather balloon explanation. It Chapter Three---Kenneth Arnold and The Aftermath 41 would make all the more sense if it was not just a low-level research experiment as Blanchard probably assumed, but a highly classified project, or a nuclear accident, or perhaps even something of Soviet origin. This would conceal the indication of any such event and thus prevent public embarrassment at a time of mounting Cold War tensions.

32 Then about 50 miles north northwest of Dana Point two discs were once again seen by a third independent witness over Eagle Rock, California. Donald Levine, ten years old at the time, described them as yellowish and traveling at a high rate of speed flying straight toward the north. 33 About that same time a fourth observer just a few miles north of Eagle Rock saw disc-like objects over Glendale, California. In that case, however, observer Donald Dwiggins reported seeing four discs which changed shape and flew at 8,000 to 9,000 feet.

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