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By Janis Galejs, A. L. Cullen, V. A. Fock and J. R. Wait (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080132766

ISBN-13: 9780080132761

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More recently, Row [1964, 1965] has considered the same problem; he has derived several simple closed form expressions. His results are summarized in this section. An infinitesimal electric or magnetic dipole is surrounded by a lossy dielectric shell of conductivity CD€2) and the shell is small in terms of free space wave length (k0b < 1), the radiation efficiencies r)e and rjm of the electric and magnetic dipole are given by simple expressions in several limiting cases.

26) as P = j£ = \(k2aycl{e1). 27) as •= — = 5 RL CitanSj C2(0X). 40) 52 A N T E N N A S IN INHOMOGENEOUS MEDIA Ch. 4 This ratio is approximately equal to antenna efficiency, provided Rr < RL. The constants C ^ ) and C 2 (0i) are plotted in Fig. 28). The above equations for loop antennas are valid only for a uniform current flow through the loop. Phase shifters may be required in larger loops to achieve this condition. The spherically shaped dielectric cores are encountered infrequently in engineering applications.

W. (1943) The distribution of current along a symmetrical center-driven antenna, Proc. IRE 31, 548-67. KING, R. W. P. and Wu, T. T. (1965) Currents, charges, and near fields of cylindrical antenna, Radio Science 69D (3), 429-46. KING, R. W. P. and Wu, T. T. (1966a) The electric field very near a driven cylindrical antenna, Radio Science 1(3), 353-9. KING, R. W. P. and Wu, T. T. (1966b) The imperfectly conducting cylindrical transmitting antenna, IEEE Trans, on Ant. and Prop. AP-14 (5), 524-34. KRAUS, J.

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Antennas in Inhomogeneous Media by Janis Galejs, A. L. Cullen, V. A. Fock and J. R. Wait (Auth.)

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