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Download e-book for iPad: Analog electronics with LabVIEW by Kenneth L. Ashley

By Kenneth L. Ashley

ISBN-10: 0130470651

ISBN-13: 9780130470652

Booklet by way of Ashley, Kenneth L.

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The increment VDS – VDSsat drops across the depletion region of the drain pn junction. In long-channel devices, the reduction of channel length is relatively small compared to the channel length. In this case, the length is roughly a constant and the channel resistance, for a given VGS, is independent of VDS. 1 where Rchan(VGS) is the resistance of the channel and is a function of VGS. Assuming that L' L, for a given VGS, Rchan(VGS), and thus ID, is approximately a constant for VDS VDSsat. Thus, the drain, in circuit terms, appears like a current source.

The circuit in (a) is based on a single power supply, and the gate bias is obtained with a resistor voltage-divider network. The circuit in (b) is for a laboratory project amplifier. Both VGG and VSS are negative, since the source is at ground. There is no voltage drop across RG since there is negligible gate current. RG is necessary only to prevent shorting the input signal, Vi. 1. Basic PMOS common-source amplifiers. Single-power-supply amplifier (a) and laboratory amplifier (b) with VSG (= VGG) and VSS controlled by DAQ output channels.

8)]. In general, the complete circuit includes, in addition, the body-effect transconductance current source of Figs. 4. The omission of this current source in Fig. 6 implies that Vsb = 0 because the source and body are connected. This connection is possible to implement in special cases such as in some of our MOSFET lab projects where only one transistor on the chip is used or for the case of a differential stage where the source of two transistors is at the same node. It is also possible to eliminate the body-effect current source by bypassing the source resistor with a bypass capacitor.

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Analog electronics with LabVIEW by Kenneth L. Ashley

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