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An Introduction to Random Signals and Communications Theory - download pdf or read online

By Bhagawandas P. Lathi

ISBN-10: 0700201580

ISBN-13: 9780700201587

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These two worlds are exactly alike except for the following: In the former world the occupants use the word "water" to refer to H2O and in the latter the occupants use it to refer to some other substance XYZ, which is otherwise similar to H2O. Putnam's (and many others') intuition is that we, occupants of earth, would not call the twin-earth substance, XYZ, 30 The Indispensability of Mathematics at all clear to me though. Surely all Galileo's thought experiment shows is that there is an inconsistency in Aristotelian physics, which was rectified by dropping the proposition that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones.

Campbell, 1994, p. 28) Also a word or two about a precise formulation of the Eleatic Principle. Graham Oddie (1982) attacks the Eleatic Principle by systematically questioning a number of specific formulations of it. Although he does this with considerable success, I will not follow him down this path since my criticisms of the Eleatic Principle, for the most part, will not depend on any particular formulation. What I take issue with is the motivation for any formulation of the principle. In any case, it may be useful to specify a particular version, just by way of example.

An advance over the impossible term-by-term empiricism of Locke and Hume. The statement, rather than the term, came with Bentham21 to be recognized as the unit accountable to an empiricist critique. But what I am now urging is that even in taking the statement as unit we have drawn our grid too finely. The unit of empirical significance is the whole of science. (Quine, 1951, p. 42) Semantic holism is closely related to Quine's denial of the analytic/synthetic distinction and his thesis of indeterminacy of translation.

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An Introduction to Random Signals and Communications Theory by Bhagawandas P. Lathi

by Kenneth

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