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Download PDF by Loveleen Kacker: An Earthquake - The Bastar Rebellion - CBT

By Loveleen Kacker

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Clan priest! " The boys and girls drew back in real fear. A kaseq gaita as young as Kalandiya would have to be very powerful to be chosen as successor. They avoided each other's eyes. "Kalandiya's magic is strong," said Arki Boiyya. "Pola of the neighbouring village had been suffering from a lingering sickness for the last five weeks. " Everyone knew that serious sickness was caused by witchcraft and only a very good clan priest could perform enough magic to drive away another's magic. A man, who knew bad magic, could make a man fall ill, could make animals sick mysteriously and die, make a standing crop turn yellow overnight and whither away and could kill a man!

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He was a slave of the feringhee! He would never see his old village or home again. Kalandiya began wailing deep grief and despair. The feringhee snorted in disgust but the tribals watched him in sympathy. They knew the pain of being in forced labour camp. One month of back-breaking work in the mines had numbed Kalandiya's senses. He hardly knew when the day began and when the day ended. It seemed to 61 him as though he never got a chance to rest and he never got enough food. They were all hauled out of bed at five-thirty in the morning, given a thin gruel and a drink of mahna wine called landa and put to work.

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An Earthquake - The Bastar Rebellion - CBT by Loveleen Kacker

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