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Read e-book online American Civil War Armies (5): Volunteer Militia PDF

By Philip Katcher

ISBN-10: 0850458536

ISBN-13: 9780850458534

Uniformed volunteer devices have been raised by way of members, often from an area's social élite who had adequate spare time and cash to spend on such enthusiasms. They voted on their unit designation, their officials and non-commissioned officials, their unit ideas, and their uniform. Many destiny leaders discovered their talents in those ranks, and volunteer armed forces devices shaped the center of many battling devices on each side of the Mason-Dixon line. With assistance from a number of photos and illustrations, together with 8 complete web page color plates by means of Ron Volstad, Philip Katcher does a superb task of detailing the uniforms of the volunteer defense force of the yank Civil warfare (1861-1865).

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American Civil War Armies (5): Volunteer Militia (Men-at-Arms, Volume 207) by Philip Katcher

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