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Download e-book for iPad: Alternating current fundamentals by Stephen L. Herman

By Stephen L. Herman

ISBN-10: 1111125279

ISBN-13: 9781111125271

ALTERNATING present basics, 8E, an business typical for over thirty years, is the correct e-book to supply readers with the most up-tp-date details to be had at the necessities of alternating present. the themes during this ebook are prepared to construct readers' wisdom, progressing from uncomplicated rules similar to the variations among height, rms, and common values to extra complicated insurance of circuits containing resistance, inductance, and capacitance. This version of ALTERNATING present basics, 8E is totally up to date, comprises additional info on diodes and rectifiers, and includes enhanced pictures that might help readers in realizing cutting-edge thoughts.

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Extra info for Alternating current fundamentals

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If the load in question 9 is operated 5 h each day during a 30-day billing period, what is the total energy consumed in kilowatt-hours? b. 04 per kilowatt-hour to operate the lighting load for the 30-day billing period? 12. The nameplate rating of an electric iron is 120 V, 10 A. The heating element of this appliance is almost pure resistance with the current and voltage in phase. a. Determine the power in watts taken by the appliance. b. Calculate the resistance of the heater element. 13. Define (a) calorie; (b) British thermal unit (Btu).

13. Define (a) calorie; (b) British thermal unit (Btu). 14. It is desired to raise the temperature of one quart of water in a coffee percolator from 18°C to 100°C in 9 min. The supply voltage is 120 V. a. What is the wattage required by the heater unit to bring the water to a boiling temperature in 9 min? b. What is the resistance of the heater unit? c. Determine the current taken by the heater unit. ] 15. An electric hot-water heater is used to heat a 20-gallon (gal) tank of water from 60°F to 130°F in 100 min.

19. a. b. c. d. 1500 kilohertz ϭ 15,000 hertz ϭ 18 megahertz ϭ 18 megahertz ϭ ? ? hertz (Hz) kilohertz (kHz) hertz (Hz) kilohertz (kHz) 20. What is a megahertz? What is a kilomegahertz (normally called a gigahertz)? PRACTICE PROBLEMS FOR UNIT 1 Sine-Wave Values Find the missing values. 8° VINST sin Є␪ ϭ _ VMAX 2 Alternating-Current Circuits Containing Resistance Objectives After studying this unit, the student should be able to • discuss the phase relationship between voltage and current in an ac circuit containing resistance.

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