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Download PDF by Frank (Ed. ) Talmage: AJS REVIEW - VOLUME THREE

By Frank (Ed. ) Talmage

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94 If the thirteen original colonies produced their Loyalists, Canada had many rebel sympathizers. Among these also were Jews. Levi (Levy) Solomons of Montreal was purveyor to American hospitals in Canada during the American invasion.

60. American Jews' Annual, 1893-94, pp. 85-86. 61. "A Critic Criticised," October 28, 1898. 62. See, for example, "Jews in Canada," December 7, 1900. 63. "Letter from Canada," Baltimore Jewish Comment, May 3, 1901. 64. ," Keneder odler, July 5, 1908; "The Varhayt Bluffs," Keneder odler, October 21, 1910. "65 To most Americans, dedicated to separation of church and state, religious involvement in public education in Canada appeared offensive. 66 When Americans did decide to come to Canada they felt they were taking a risk.

Sir Moses Montefiore, personal letter to Rabbi Abraham De Sola, Montreal, February, 1872, in McGill University Archives, De Sola Papers (hereafter referred to as ADSP). AMERICAN CONNECTION OF CANADIAN JEWS 25 than Europeans. They feared with reason that "manifest destiny" might turn northward, and they grew increasingly protective of their autonomy. Canadians were heirs to a more conservative, nonrevolutionary tradition. Many Anglo-Canadians viewed American liberty as licentiousness, seeing events such as the Civil War as signs that the great experiment in democracy could never succeed.

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AJS REVIEW - VOLUME THREE by Frank (Ed. ) Talmage

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