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Read e-book online Adaptive Analog VLSI Neural Systems PDF

By M. Jabri, R.J. Coggins, B.G. Flower

ISBN-10: 0412616300

ISBN-13: 9780412616303

ISBN-10: 9401105251

ISBN-13: 9789401105255

amplitude ~---. -----. -----. -----,-----. -----,-,~ VfT:j·" four. 50 four. 00 three. 50 q . three. 00 /'\. ~ -'" : ! . 2. 50 ,: \ . . . 1! -. i "'" " 2. 00 1. 50 ··GO··O_O_ ,-. . . . &. , . ; D Q . " . . . / 1. 00 zero. 50 zero. 00 L. -----1. . ---. . l. -----:-:::''"::-::--::-::-'-:::-::------=--::-'-::-:=---=-=""=_:' five. 00 10. 00 15. 00 determine 7. 1 The morphology of ST and VT retrograde 1:1. © 1995 IEEE [Coggins, labri, Flower and Pickard {1995}]. ing to the analog area. also, using differential pair multipliers and present node summing within the community permits a min­ imum of units within the community itself and accordingly linked mark downs in strength and region. notwithstanding, within the previous few many years analog sign processing has been used sparingly as a result of the results of machine off­ units, noise and drift*. The neural community structure alleviates those difficulties to a wide quantity since it's either hugely parallel and adaptive. the truth that the community is educated to acknowledge morphologies with the analog circuits in-loop signifies that the synaptic weights may be tailored to cancel machine offsets [Castro, Tam and Holler (1993); Castro and candy (1993)]. The effect of neighborhood un correlated noise is decreased by way of the parallelism of * so much fabrication procedures were optimised for electronic layout options which ends up in negative analog performance.

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In addition to these low level circuit trade-offs a number of system level implementation issues affect the basic building block implementations. These include system testability, system I/O requirements and system wide manufacturing yield. 1 Functional designs to architectures In this section we describe the choices available in the trade-off of circuit performance versus circuit resources and system level requirements. 1 Device choice trade-offs CMOS is currently the most widely used fabrication process for VLSI systems and for the most part is used for the implementation of digital circuits.

But since the Ids in each device is different, so would be its Vgs. The solution lies in scaling the WI L ratio of each device down by a factor of 2 as we move to the right. Each source transistor will thus operate at the same current density and hence the same Vgs. Above the sources, MIn - M 2n , for example, act as a current steering switch. The gate of M 2n is biased at a fixed voltage VB, while the right is driven by the logic level corresponding to the complement of the nth bit of the code.

Designing good analog functions for 5V supplies is quite difficult and the movement to 3V MOS DEVICES AND CIRCUITS 34 supplies makes the task harder. So the amplifier circuits most useful in the future will usually be simpler and will tend not to have high

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