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Download PDF by G. J. Ebrahim (auth.): A Handbook of Tropical Paediatrics

By G. J. Ebrahim (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0333238028

ISBN-13: 9780333238028

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Per cent = 7 Suggested Schedule for Infant and Child-Feeding (1) At 0-4 months: (2) (3) (4) (5) breast-feed; fresh fruit ju ice may be added. At 4-6 months: breast-feed; introduce a gruel. Thin at first and gradually brought to a thicker consistency. Gradually add egg, milk, pounded ground nuts. At 6-12 months: breast-feed; enriched gruel as above. Introduce soft strained foods; mashed potatoes, bananas, beans, or peas, fruit like banana or paw-paw, boiled fish, minced meat or liver. At 12-24 months: breast-feed; gruel and strained foods as above.

It must be used with great care. TABLE 24 The lactose-free diet (Dsp = dessertspoon. I 66 grams Mg(OH). 5 grams Distilled water 1 litre Use at rate of t fl oz for every pint milk diet. The nutritive value of this diet (using dessertspoons for measuring dry ingredients and fluid ounces for oil) is as follows: Protein g Calories Ca mg Namg K mg Mgmg P mg 24 562 324 218 520 43 216 38 A Handbook of Tropical Paediatrics Virtually no vitamins or other minerals are found in this diet. A full vitamin supplement must be given even if ward diet is also being given.

Pharyngeal secretions should be aspirated and a patent airway maintained by nursing the patient on his side, by means of repeated sucking, and an oropharyngeal airway. If this is not successful a tracheostomy may be required. Haemorrhage and shock should be treated. A naso-gastric tube for feeding and administering drugs should be passed. F. Serum electrolytes. Blood urea. Blood sugar. Blood slide for malaria parasites. Convulsions Common causes of convulsions in older children are: (1) Febrile convulsions - common in malaria, upper respiratory infections, pyelonephritis, measles and exanthem subitum.

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A Handbook of Tropical Paediatrics by G. J. Ebrahim (auth.)

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