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A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Revised Edition) - download pdf or read online

By C. L. Seow

ISBN-10: 0687157862

ISBN-13: 9780687157860

A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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J)~W ~()\( ,,11, e. k +]l_'Jhw 1 5) /") ( (' . • ) -- a. "istics of both the verb and the adjectiv~ When it is construed as a verb, it usually suggests continuous occurrence of an activity. W~ sitting upon a throne (lsa 6:I) D''Jl~l D'/i7 ascending and desce"nding (Gen 28:12) Tense is not indicated in the participle; it must be inferred from co ntext. The parti cipl e simply represents a state of affair in the present, pas t, o r future. ( I' ' () . • J 82 I Lesson VI II Uses of the Participle I 83 i.

Then translate the passage with the help of a dictionary and the notes below. ~ I . a. Write the following in Hebrew: 6. the sin offering I I. the mountains the city 7. the people I 2. the heads the cities 8. the earth I 3. the swords 9· the rams I 4. the vessels I 5. the women r. the night 2. (J) 4· the father 5. the palace IO. ~ li~-,i1~1 li~ r:;n from the land 11J~ CJ:9/ CJ'O 8. a prophet to the nations 4· in a covenant IO. 6. like God I 2. between the darkness and the light no5 ~;~. ,~ noD ,~ r.

O::J I3. 9'1~7 4· O~J;l~ 9· i1~i1~ T •• •• I4. ¥ IO. ;)Y I5. 'Jn? ;)Y 0 •: T 0 • -T : I. 1~ ~iry 2. (Song I:I6) i1fJ: '1~i1 3· (Song I:I5) 'i1~: l,~i:T 4· w,/lJ~ 5· (Zech rr:rr) ,n~ w,JDWiJ 6. (Gen 43:32) 'in~ w,/~~~ 7· ,61' (Num 14:24) irbl' 'n""jry~ I. m me 6. from you (mp) I I. for you (fs) 2. from him 7· from you (fp) I2. ) from us 8. like her I3 . like them (mp) 4· to(ward) me 9· upon me 14· for us Io. ) (Ezr 8:I) b. Translate into Hebrew: 5. upon you (fs) 103 11il 8. h wtT""J:l~l IO. 'Dl 'rv~~ i1)i1 II.

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