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Download e-book for iPad: A George Eliot Miscellany: A Supplement to her Novels by F. B. Pinion

By F. B. Pinion

ISBN-10: 1349055700

ISBN-13: 9781349055708

ISBN-10: 1349055727

ISBN-13: 9781349055722

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I saw that he was isolated, as I was, though from a different cause, and, stimulated by a sympathetic resentment, I made timid advances towards him. It is enough to say that there sprang up as much comradeship between us as our different habits would allow; and in Charles's rare holidays we went up the Sal eve together, or took the boat to Vevay, while I listened dreamily to the monologues in which he unfolded his bold conceptions of future experiment and discovery. I mingled them confusedly in my thought with glimpses of blue water and delicate floating cloud, with the notes of birds and the distant glitter of the glacier.

The sum of man, Of godlike man, to revel and to rot. If this life's gain invites him to the deed, Why not his country sold, his father slain? Ambition, avarice, by the wise disdain'd, Is perfect wisdom, while mankind are fools, And think a turf or tombstone covers all. Die for thy country, thou romantic fool! Seize, seize the plank thyself, and let her sink. As in the dying parent dies the child, Virtue with Immortality expires. Who tells me he denies his soul immortal, Whate'er his boast, has told me he's a knave.

How then should I and any man that lives Be strangers to each other? ' Cowper weeps because There is no flesh in man's obdurate heart; It does rwtfeelfor man. Young applauds God as a monarch with an empire and a court quite superior to the English, or as an author who produces 'volumes for man's perusal. Cowper sees his Father's love in all the gentle pleasures of the home fire-side, in the charms even of the wintry landscape, and thinksHappy who walks with him ! whom what he finds Of flavour or of scent in fruit or Hower, Or what he views of beautiful or grand In nature, from the broad, majestic oak To the green blade that twinkles in the sun Prompts with remembrance of a present God.

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A George Eliot Miscellany: A Supplement to her Novels by F. B. Pinion

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