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Read e-book online A Critical Introduction to the Philosophy of Gottlob Frege PDF

By Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

ISBN-10: 0754654710

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ISBN-13: 9780754683575

Gottlob Frege is likely one of the maximum logicians ever and likewise a thinker of serious importance. during this e-book Rosado Haddock bargains a severe presentation of the most issues of Frege's philosophy, together with, between others, his philosophy of mathematics, his sense-referent contrast, his contrast among functionality and item, and his criticisms of formalism and psychologism. greater than simply an advent to Frege's philosophy this e-book is usually a hugely severe and mature evaluate of it as an entire within which the restrictions, confusions and different weaknesses of Frege's notion are heavily tested. the writer can be a Husserlian pupil and this ebook comprises invaluable discussions of Husserl's missed perspectives and comparisons among the 2 nice philosophers.

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It is difficult to believe that Frege was not conscious of the insurmountable difficulties of a theory that would combine the application of the Context Principle with his thesis that the referents of statements are truth-values. In fact, in the second volume of Grundgesetze der Arithmetik19 Frege argues that we cannot obtain the referents of the component parts of statements even if we know not only the referent of the whole statement, but also the referent of the remaining component part. 21 3 The Classification of Statements In section 3 of Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik Frege discusses the problem with which he began the Preface of Begriffsschrift, namely, that of the classification of judgements.

11 After clearly distinguishing between concept and object, Frege makes a clear distinction between properties that apply to concepts – what we would now call ‘second order properties’ – and traits of those same concepts. 12 Thus, ‘German’ is a trait of the concept ‘German philosopher’ and a property of Gottlob Frege, of Immanuel Kant and of many others. Such distinctions motivate Frege to examine very briefly the ontological proof of God’s existence. 13 Frege conceives the attribution of existence – as he does with numerical attributions – as a second order predication.

Section 9, p. 23. , section 10, p. 24. 27 Grundlagen der Arithmetik: First Part (§§1-45) 25 presupposes the general arithmetical laws. 31 On the basis of such arguments, in section 12 Frege concludes32 that the arithmetical statements cannot be empirical. They are, thus, either analytic or synthetic a priori. 5 The Nature of Geometry The rejection of the naturalist-empiricist conception of arithmetic is followed in section 13 by some extremely important observations on the difference between arithmetic and geometry.

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