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A book of showings to the anchoress Julian of Norwich - download pdf or read online

By of Norwich Julian;Edmund Colledge;James Walsh

ISBN-10: 0888440359

ISBN-13: 9780888440358

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11. 'She': scho (7 x), sche ( a x ) . 12. ) til ( i x ) , to ( 1 4 x ) ; (with infinitive) tylle ( i x ) , otherwise to. 13. OE hwilc: V LINGUISTIC CHARACTERISTICS 31 whilke. 14. 'Would': walde (21 x), wolde (12 x). This shows that the vowels examined are predominantly Northern, but with a strong non-Northern element, and that there are no instances of the most markedly Northern developments, such as ai, ei < OE d; ui, oi < OE o. The verbal inflexions are not so consistently Northern; particularly, there is a smaller proportion of -es to -e present indicative plural forms than we might expect in a text originally recorded to the north of the Midland areas.

This may be so, but it is uncertain. What is however beyond any doubt is that when young Julian had received an exceptionally good grounding in Latin, in Scripture and in the liberal arts, and that thereafter she was able and permitted to read widely in Latin and vernacular spiritual classics. Reference to the annotations to the 122 A. Watkin: Inventory of Church Goods, 2 208. This information was kindly communicated by Keith Egan. 124 MS BM Harley 3838, f. 37. 125 J. : 'Carmelites — (Sisters) (NCE 3 121).

Pantin: English JMack Monks, 3 28-29. 94 Sr. Mary Aquinas Devlin: The Sermons of Thomas Brinton. 95 F. Roth: English Austin Friars, i 374-375. 94 B. Hackett: 'Spiritual Life', 452-455. 40 INTRODUCTION kind', are not to be taken from the library unless they are duplicates. This suggests that Julian might have been able to borrow from her neighbours a spare copy of, say, Chaucer's Boethius, or of Piers Plowman. George Kane in his edition of that work furnished evidence of monastic owners of its manuscripts, to which A.

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A book of showings to the anchoress Julian of Norwich by of Norwich Julian;Edmund Colledge;James Walsh

by James

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