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Get A Boatload of Idioms: Over a thousand English expressions PDF

By Lucia Sera

ISBN-10: 1932653139

ISBN-13: 9781932653137

A Boatload of Idioms provides greater than 1000 idioms, besides definitions, foundation causes (where known), pattern sentences and routines. additionally, a seek index is accessible as a short reference instrument. This software is aimed toward intermediate-to-advanced ESL scholars in addition to local English audio system who are looking to increase their language skills. as soon as idioms are simply understood, conversing English could be a «cake-walk».

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Chomping at the bit – to be unable to hold back; to be overly eager to go somewhere or do something. Noah was chomping at the bit to go out and play in the snow. Chop shop – a shop where stolen cars are brought for their parts to be dissembled and sold. Within hours of being stolen, the car was brought to a chop shop in New Jersey and stripped of its parts. Circular file – a nice name for a garbage can. That junk mail will be thrown in the circular file. City slicker – a savvy, urbane person from the city; a sophisticated person.

The girls were busy as beavers sewing the pageant flag. Butt out – to be asked to mind one’s own business; keep away from another’s affairs. I told Carly to butt out when she tried to arrange a reconciliation between my sister and I. Butter someone up – to flatter someone, especially one in a position to help or do good. I knew she was buttering me up so I would help her move. 48 Butter wouldn’t melt in his/her mouth – refers to a cold person who pretends to be so nice and giving but is, in reality, scheming and selfish.

Bit the dust – to die, finally. After hitting that pothole, my car finally bit the dust. [To the] bitter end – to the very end. ” His wife stuck by him, even though he had cheated on her, until the bitter end. Black sheep of the family – the oddest or worst member of a family, sometimes estranged from the others. No one wanted to talk about Ben, the black sheep of the family. Blackball – to reject from an exclusive group. Dan was blackballed from the club after he was arrested. 34 Bleeding heart – an overly-sensitive person, especially as regards to the poor and downtrodden.

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