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408UL Manuals - V7.1 - Issue 05-2003 - 408user1 - download pdf or read online

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Drag And Drop The Drag and Drop function allows you to copy data from a Result pane (text or graphics) or from a status pane direct to an application, via a window pane or button. The procedure is as follows : • Click in the pane containing the data to be copied. If results are in graphic form, select the desired area. 1-16 September 2002 User’s Manual Vol. 1 Utilities • Press both the CONTROL key on the keyboard and the centre button of the mouse, and hold them down (Press CONTROL first). e. e.

If you wish to print out the document, simply drag and drop it to the HCI PRINT utility icon (see “Introduction”, page 1-17, for step-by-step instructions), or use the LOG main window. - If you wish to save the document, use the LOG main window). Clear Status This command clears the "status" pane. 0311401 3-7 3 3 Configuration The Setup menu The Setup menu In this section: • Crew setup window (page 3-8) • User Info (page 3-10) Crew setup window NOTE: You are not allowed to change these parameters unless and until the line is turned off.

If a VE416 DPG is used, you are not allowed to connect the tracking box to port A (termA). With a Blade 100 workstation, you may have to add a serial card. See Installation Manual. The “GPS Port 2” button allows you to select the port to use for an additional tracking system if any. • Specify whether the tracklines of the vehicles should be recorded or not, with the “Log” button. If you activate this button, the trackline of each vehicle will automatically be recorded to daily trackline files. • From the “Driver Type” button, select the protocol used by the tracking box.

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408UL Manuals - V7.1 - Issue 05-2003 - 408user1

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