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By Learning Express

ISBN-10: 1576852644

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1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions: a number of selection layout. contains new and rising vocabulary in technological know-how and company.

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Thin b. stout c. big d. pleasant 465. What is the meaning of the phrase "spacious visage" as it is used in the passage? a. large frame b. big face c. huge room d. dull expression 466. What is the meaning of the word "extremities" as it is used in the passage? a. hands and feet b. neck and shoulders c. arms and legs d. height and weight < previous page page_54 next page > < previous page page_55 next page > Page 55 Answer question 467 on the basis of the following passage. Leo glared and looked________his brother had won the oyster-eating contest.

Multitude d. jumble 456. The tall, old-fashioned chiffonier had long ago been put in the attic storage room. a. lapsed to b. banished to c. punctuated in d. sent to < previous page page_52 next page > < previous page page_53 next page > Page 53 457. A mysterious brown envelope extended from the mailbox. a. projected from b. languished from c. was seen in d. jutted out of 458. The women were adorned with necklaces and bracelets of semi-precious stones. a. some kind of jewels b. jewelry c. amethyst, topaz, and lapis-lazuli d.

Rachel________a plan to become a millionaire by age thirty. a. devised b. conformed c. decreased d. condoned 331. Joel ran away because he was________by the hedgehog. a. tolerated b. disillusioned c. consoled d. intimidated 332. Robert was in a________about which tie to buy. a. prestige b. redundancy c. quandary d. deficit 333. Jessica needs an A in her class, so studying for exams takes________over watching the Academy Awards. a. precedence b. conformity c. perplexity d. endeavor < previous page page_38 next page > < previous page page_39 next page > Page 39 334.

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