School Endowment & Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance


Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Fund

Donations to the St. Joan of Arc Guardian Angel Fund will help assist students currently enrolled in St. Joan of Arc Catholic School.

Tuition Assistance Fund:
Donors are able to make a contribution of any amount with the knowledge that they are helping a child at St. Joan of Arc. This assistance is targeted for existing students whose families have had a substantial change in their financial status since enrolling the student in the school. These funds are used within 36 months of the donation.

Scholarship Fund:
Donations of $1,000 and up can be contributed to either a need based or academically based scholarship. Academically based scholarships would be awarded to students for excellence in specific programs such as Math, Science, Sports or the Arts.  The gifts can be established for as many years as the donor would like and the principal amount of the gift will be used as directed.



School Legacy Endowment Fund

Donations to the Endowment assist the school now and in the future. The donations are invested and the income from these investments is used to insure the long term viability of St. Joan of Arc Catholic School. Gifts to the Endowment fund have no minimum requirement and can be in the form of cash, stocks, annuities or any other tangible asset. The Endowment income is targeted for use in one of the following areas

Targeted Support Fund:
A donation to the Targeted Support Fund allows donors to select how they would like their gift used. Donors may support programs such as Arts, Athletics, English, Language, Math, Science, and Technology. The gifts can be used for direct support such as musical instruments or lab equipment as well as traditional scholarships.

The Holy Spirit Fund:
As Stewards of the school, it is imperative that the parish maintain adequate investments to insure that the school will be passed to each future generation alive and healthy. This will require us to make ongoing investments in its faculty, its programs and in its infrastructure. Additionally, we must make sure that the cost of a Catholic Education at SJA remains affordable to the people of our parish community. Income from this fund will be used in a way that is consistent with these objectives.

If you would like to name a scholarship or if you have any questions about any of these tuition assistance or scholarship funds, please contact Wendy Horton in the Development Office by phone at 561-952-2838 or by e-mail to