2020 DSA


   We are grateful to God to be members of the Body of Christ, the Catholic Church. We are called disciples in the mission of the Church –a mission of serving, living the Gospel, and caring for others.
The Diocesan Services Appeal is an invitation for every Catholic in our region to respond with a generous heart to build up the Body of Christ here in the Diocese of Palm Beach, sharing our blessings of faith with others and assisting those in need. Pope Francis reminds us, “Love is always at the service of others. Love is seen in actions, not words.”
We have an opportunity to answer Christ’s call to serve and share Our Faith in Action as joyful missionary disciples by making a financial gift that supports essential ministries, services and programs, that touch so many lives throughout our Diocese.
Your gift will support over 47 programs and ministries that make our Diocese a hope-filled light in the world. Together, we DO make a difference.
With deepest gratitude and every prayerful wish, I am sincerely yours in Christ.

– Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop of Palm Beach

Don’t Forget to Specify your Parish
as St. Joan of Arc!

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