Faith and Film

Faith and Film is a monthly movie and popcorn night that features a different film each month.
Some films are overtly Catholic and some are not necessarily Catholic at all, but each one offers a point of reflection or insight about some element of the modern, human, Catholic life.
A discussion follows that allows participants to explore deeper the themes of faith, justice, love, wisdom, beauty, and truth inherent in the films.

Thursday nights at 7:00pm at The Ark
(319 SW 3rd Street, Boca Raton – across the street from St. Joan of Arc parking lot)


Youth Testimonial
Faith and Film
is an informative and engaging exploration of cinema and relevant social justice issues.  The films are varied and each depicts a different issue and its relationship to Catholic values; they all share a common theme of human conflict and faith.

The movies are all entertaining and well-made.  The themes vary from racism (“The Help”) to ecumenical unity and human bonding (“Babette’s Feast”), or the power of the human spirit (“Hotel Rwanda”).  Being thought-provoking, the films often benefit from a discussion following the viewing.  The discussions allow the participants to ruminate over the films ideas and relate the social justice issues to their own lives.

Our personal experiences with the Faith and Film program have been exceptional.  I’m a big fan of movies, so watching films with other members of the church community served as my introduction to Youth Ministry at St. Joan of Arc.  For me, it has been a really fun way to get to know people and it is just overall a great hang out on a Thursday night.  Popcorn and soda are provided and you can bring your own food, too.  The atmosphere feels like living-room style viewing and we can relax while at the same time exploring ideas of faith, God, and life.  Poverty, discrimination, the plight of migrant workers, and more are the kinds of themes inherent in the films.  Each film offers hope and doesn’t sugarcoat the severity of real-world problems.  The Faith and Film program is a great community experience of cinema and spirituality.”

Jeremy Wershoven is a Youth Group frequenter
and Faith and Film enthusiast.