Care Ministry


Care Ministry Director
Deacon Bill Watzek
561-962-6000 |

Monday – Friday, 9:00am-12:00 noon

St. Joan of Arc Care Ministry and Food Pantry continues to help those in our community who are in a crisis or emergency situation.

Families at all income levels have been affected by the economy and are overly stressed as they have never before had to ask for help.  They are praying for a miracle…most likely a job.  Just today we had one family with 2 daughters under 2 whose water was shut off and another family without electricity.

We receive thank you notes periodically from those we help.  Sometimes people tell us that when they get on their feet they will repay us.  I received an out of state letter this week addressed to the Care Office.  It contained the following message and moved me so much that I want to share it with you, our supporters.

‘Almost two years ago I was very grateful to receive some much needed rental assistance   from St. Joan of Arc.  It was such a huge relief in a very stressful time and I remember fondly how kind everyone was.

I’m very happy to be able to return the money plus some extra to further your wonderful work in helping people there.  Thank you so much for everything the St. Joan Care Ministry does.’

I looked the lady up in our data base.  We helped her with something toward her rent in December, 2009.  The amount she enclosed was more than double of what we had given her.  What a testament to what we do in His name…that after two years she still remembered us and what we had done for her.

Your donations, compassion for others and your prayers make it possible for us to minister to others in our community.

We wish His peace and blessing for all of you.