Caring Ministries


Care Ministry Director
Deacon Bill Watzek
561-962-6000 |

The Care Ministry strives to alleviate emergency needs and improve the quality of life, both spiritually and physically, for those seeking assistance and help them become more productive members of our society.  Care Ministry also raises funds, recruits, trains and schedules volunteers to respond to requests for assistance.

St. Joan of Arc Care Ministry
St. Joan of Arc Food Pantry

Care Ministry Face Lift

The Care Ministry has been given a face lift. Due to damage caused by the flood in the parish office and school from the rains on Holy Thursday the Care Ministry Crisis Center and Food distribution areas have received a new paint job and new flooring. The flood had caused the old linoleum and wallboard to start growing mold despite the quick work of our maintenance department to get the water up and dry the areas with fans. New wallboard was installed and a beautiful ceramic tile floor was put down and with a fresh coat of paint the Crisis Center looks brand new! The volunteers are very pleased with the new look and the cleanness of the center which will be a much more comfortable environment for our clients. Once again I must take a moment to thank all of our generous donors to our Care Ministry, without your amazing support we would not be able to help as many people as we do on a day to day basis. You all deserve a big Thank You!  – Deacon Bill Watzek, Social Outreach Ministries Director

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