Coat of Arms

We invite you to join the Coat of Arms Society which encourages and recognizes the annual financial support necessary to ensure the strength of the St. Joan of Arc Community.

You will become a distinguished patron of our mission which states:

“As a diverse Catholic community, we joyfully worship God, celebrate fellowship and care for our neighbor with steadfast faith, confident hope and passionate love.”

The Coat of Arms Society

When you become a member of the Coat of Arms Society you are following in the graceful and powerful footsteps of St. Joan of Arc whose life was devoted to protecting her beliefs. There are three levels of membership and each one comes with its own unique list of member benefits.

The Order of the Crown includes members of our St. Joan of Arc family
who contribute gifts of $10,000 or more annually.

The Order of the Sword includes members of our St. Joan of Arc family
who contribute gifts of $5,000 to $9.999 annually.

The Order of the Fleur de Lis includes members of our St. Joan of Arc family
who contribute gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 annually.

Note: Weekly offertory contributions and other individual gifts count toward
membership in the Coat of Arms Society.

Thank you for considering this invitation to join a Coat of Arms Society. You may use the secure giving website available at, or give by phone by calling Wendy Horton at 561.952.2838. If you plan to count your current giving toward your Society membership, Wendy will help you achieve your goal.

We are grateful to our Coat of Arms Members who annually give gladly to the work of the Lord!

Ms Patricia Bertrand, Mrs. Marian Brems, Mr. & Mrs. Carmine D’Amico, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Duffy, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Esnes, Mrs. Carmella Gesner/ Camiccia-Arnauou Charitable Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ging/Ging Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gulisano, Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Harrigan, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Kazma, Kazma Family Foundation Inc., Mr. & Mrs. William Kerins, Dr. Neta Kolasa/ Kolasa Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Krauser,  Lawrence A Sanders Foundation, Ms Jacqueline Ledea, Mr. James Annenberg La Vea, ANONYMOUS, Mr. & Mrs. Jay Mack, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McManus, Mr. & Mrs. James Mantey, Mrs. April Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Procacci, Pasquale & Rose Procacci Charitable Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stark/The Stark Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Troxell, III, ANONYMOUS

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blade, Mrs. Frances Connor, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crowley, Jr., Ms Mary Sue Donohue, Mrs. & Mr. Alexander Eremia, Mrs. Helene Farrell, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gaynor, Mr. William Hasey/Hasey Foundation, ANONYMOUS, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kazma, Ms Arla Mainieri, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Marko, Jeffery & Cheryl Mazzamaro, Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Murphy, Norman & Bettina Roberts Foundation, INC., Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Novoth, Mr. & Mrs. Ken Pope, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Ramge, Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Reyes, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ronan, Mr. & Mrs. Louie Roussel, III, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Skelly, Mr. & Mrs. Marcelo Toimil, Mr. & Mrs. Adorjan Toth, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vassalluzzo, Mr. Robert Versaggi, Deacon & Mrs. William Watzek, ANONYMOUS, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Zuloaga


Ms. Diane Acosta, Ms Marie Alfery, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Arnett, Mrs. Helen Babione, Miss Adele Barrett, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Barszewski, Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Batista, Mrs. Carmela Bitondo, Mr. & Mrs. William Blade, Dr. & Mrs. Nicolas Breuer, Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Brito, The Browne Family, Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Burie, Mr. Francis Byrne, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John Cahorshak, Mr. & Mrs. Marc Cavaliere, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chastain, Dr. & Mrs. Basil Chie-For, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cipolla, Mr. & Mrs. Brien Costigan, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald David, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Donnelly, Mrs. Millicent Dudley, Mr. & Mrs. Greg Fischer, Mr. Rhett Fisher & Mrs. Kathleen Herne-Fisher,  Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Fluehr, Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Foley, Mrs. Ida Fortunato, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Garvey, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Gioia, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Goetz, Mr. & Mrs. John Hargrove, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hartigan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heinlein, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Henry, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hotchkiss, ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUS, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. John Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Scott Jordan, ANONYMOUS, Ms Bernice Kaminski, Mr. & Mrs. Gaylor Kasle, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kelley, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kissman, Mr. & Mrs. Craig Kopp, Mr. & Mrs. William Kotheimer, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Krebsbach, Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Lago, Mr. & Mrs. Ron Lakey, Mr. Steven Lamphear & Mrs. Linda Auger, Ms Marion LeBel, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leissle, Mr. Joseph Liguori, Ms Laura Liguori, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lombardi, Mrs. Mary Long, Mrs. John Lynn, ANONYMOUS, Ms Maureen Marino, ANONYMOUS, Mr. Wales Martindale, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Massarella, ANONYMOUS, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Metzger, Jr., Dr. & Mrs. Charles Metzger, Dr. Michelle Mina, Dr. Morejon & Mrs. Lasso-Morejon, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Nieter, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Noland, Mr. & Mrs. David O’Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Ryan O’Connor, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Olearczyk, Dr. & Mrs. Jose Ordonez, Ms Marjorie O’Sullivan, ANONYMOUS, Mr. & Mrs. William Peters,ANONYMOUS, Mrs. Carine Porfiri & Mr. Robert Bedell, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Rack, Mr. Adam Rack, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Sconzo, Mr. & Mrs. Guy Shumanski, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Smith, Ms Constance Spampinato, Mr. & Mrs. John Sparks, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Allan Springs, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stellmach, Mr. & Mrs. Brian Stenberg, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Story, Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Suarez, Mr. & Mrs. John Taddonio, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ternus, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. William Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tomasso, Regina & Bob Vetto, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Volpe, ANONYMOUS, Mr. & Mrs. John Watts, Mrs. Mary Welz, Mrs. & Mrs. Peter Whitney, Mr. & Mrs. David Woods, Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Zibelli